In today’s competitive environment, bonus programs have quickly become a competitor’s best friend, and in some cases their WORST enemy.

CONTINGEN$E has created a unified resource for competitors to search the latest bonus programs, and their requirements. An innovative approach to assist all competitors with bonus program awareness, education, and the latest updates.

Today’s competitive landscape realizes the importance of these programs. Are you in the loop?

➡️ The Listing Directory

CONTINGEN$E makes it easy, and convenient to stay updated on current bonus programs. From our website, to social networks, we do the work for you. Take the information, utilize the programs in your competitive strategy, and WIN!

Use our search, or scroll through the categorical listed programs.


Using industry insight, and competitive based knowledge, our blog concentrates on information that is beneficial to your success.

Weekly blogs focus on current trends, new programs, and what’s happening in the competitive landscape.

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➡️ Contingency Program Development / Management / Fulfillment

Centering on the development of new programs, and educating competitors on existing programs, CONTINGEN$E is leading the way with innovation. Capturing the “bonus focused” mentality, we’re also competitors. We get it! CONTINGEN$E develops, and manages incentive based programs to fit niche markets benefiting the brand, and competitor.

  • Are you incentivizing your consumer? If not, now is the time to start thinking about creating brand awareness, and utilizing active participation.
  • We create a tangible link between the company, competitive events, and your consumer
  • Results driven, Sales focused, and supporting all elements of the bonus equation.
  • Our innovative approach creates brand equity, extensive media opportunities, and cross promotes with industry partners.

➡️ Education

We’ve noticed that the educational aspect to these programs are often overlooked, and misunderstood.. Utilizing social media, newsletters, blogs, and event presence , CONTINGEN$E assists in helping you to be more aware, and educated on strategy, alignment, and how bonus programs can work to your advantage.

➡️ Partnerships

With a combined experience of 30+ years in marketing, public relations, and competition, our staff is tangible, highly accessible.

Partnering with key industry leaders, combined with an innovative approach, CONTINGEN$E fully supports the competitive industries, and efforts of all.

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“Competition is good. Winning is better.” – Quote

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