Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] How do you pronounce CONTINGEN$E?


[Q] What is CONTINGEN$E?

[A] 1) CONTINGEN$E is a unified approach to collectively list contingency, and bonus programs for passionate competitors throughout multiple interests. 2) We develop, and implement programs for companies whose brands, and products incentivize consumers. 3) We collectively educate the company (bonus provider), and the consumer (end user) on the elements of successful marketing, and fulfillment of these programs. 4) We manage marketing efforts to your consumer utilizing our trusted name, multiple years of experience, and know how. Some say it’s a passion. We like to say it’s a Blessing.

[Q] How can CONTINGEN$E help me, the competitor?

[A] It’s a known fact that competitors think they have to win, to WIN! Not true. Contingency programs are created to incentivize, and reward the competitor (consumer). CONTINGEN$E educates you to not only “stay in the loop” on new bonus opportunities, but also educating you on the process.

[Q] How can CONTINGEN$E help me, the company?

[A] If you have a contingency program, we’ll list it in our directory, and educate your consumers. If you want, or need to develop a contingency program, managed by industry pros, CONTINGEN$E can help. In fact, we are not a traditional marketing / sponsorship company. We breathe, and live for this every day!

Our success is based on your success, and we take great pride in doing just that.

[Q] Why / How does a contingency programs work?

[A] We’ll use Bass Cat Boats as an example. Anglers have to utilize a boat to compete, and there’s stiff competition in that industry alone. They incentivize their consumers by offering a bonus program that rewards the competitor using a registered Bass Cat Boat. Their QUEST program is one of the most popular contingencies to date, based on their payout, participation, and brand loyalty.

For any program, the competitor must know about it, register for it, and abide by the guidelines, which are found on CONTINGEN$E.

[Q] Is CONTINGEN$E solely focused on Professional, and Semi-Pro Fishing?

[A] Absolutely not; it’s merely where we started. With combined knowledge, and experience in the fishing industry, this aspect of competition is where we felt comfortable launching this platform. We’ll be extending our reach to additional markets in 2018.

[Q] Does CONTINGEN$E offer sponsorship opportunities?

[A] Follow our social media, or register for our newsletter to learn when you can submit your application for sponsored positions

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