We clearly understand that finding a way to fund your passion not only takes the right timing, the correct alignment with available corporate programs, and a little time to research, but it also takes a collaboration of resources.

That is exactly what we believe CONTINGEN$E to be. We hope you find it useful, and financially beneficial.

Our Mission Is Simple, “Make Contingency Programs Easily Attainable, Profitable, and Understandable.”

CONTINGEN$E is an online directory (or online listing marketplace) for current contingency programs targeting the outdoors and motorsports industries. Our sister site, BonusLOOP, will manage contingency development, fulfillment, and management.

PROUDLY serving the Competitor, and our Industries

With varying backgrounds, and passions, the staff of CONTINGEN$E knows first hand the effectiveness of contingency programs, their worth to companies, and the benefit to the enrolled competitors. Efficiently listing and publicizing contingency programs, and their associative information via our website, and throughout our social media channels is our main goal.

Maximizing the method of delivery to the competitors, we hope, and truly feel, we provide a useful tool to both the supporting companies, their brands, and products, directly to the consumer, which is YOU, the competitor. Why not use technology to benefit a financial gain that in turn, holds opportunity to fund your passion.

As a competitor, you also have the option to review each program, which we truly hope you take advantage of, in a positive way. We can all be better at our game, only if we know the weaknesses, and the desires of those who participate.