You probably just had a flashback to the Members Only jacket your Dad had back in the 80’s. Maybe you had one?

Bonus (contingency) programs are a marketing tool to elicit brand awareness, sales, and to incentivize consumers. In addition to those, and a long list of others, the apparel aspect to these brands can be ridiculously addictive. We know… hashtag CaptainsCash, hashtag AtlasAwards, hashtag RangerCup.

But, seriously. If you’ve gazed upon the contingency landscape recently, you would have noticed a new trend. This trend is a new style of program that’s membership based. Interesting, huh?

Members Only

The idea of a membership, non-purchase program certainly has merit in a highly competitive contingency market. That being said, it’s highly likely that membership not only has it’s perks, but may show to be more prominent in the younger aged anglers, such as college, and high school.

Members Have Incentives

The Bass Pro Shops FLW Tournament Incentives program offers a different approach, with similar benefits.

What we see in this program is a stout payback based on the level of competition solely focused on FLW events. From the Tour, all the way down to the Bass Pro Shops FLW High School Fishing events, anglers can get paid by following a small set of requirements. By simply following a set of questions, anglers can submit their entry, with no specific purchase, and no membership fees.

That’s a sweet deal! And, this program would go along nicely with the Nitro Boats Tournament Rewards program.

TAG, Your’e It

Yesterday, we published the latest membership based contingency, TAG Fishing.

This style of program is a tiered level membership, with payouts based on the level of entry, and the  overall field of boats in the event.

Anglers can win at a minimum of $125, up to $5,000. Those payouts are NOT associated with any purchase other than a membership. That’s it.

Final Thoughts

We like the idea of both, and will keep a close eye to see what other programs, if any make their way into the market.

Tag Fishing certainly has it’s place in almost every anglers strategy. The Bass Pro Shops FLW program is a must have, and win-win for a membership program.

We’ll definitely be utilizing both with our #BonusBuilt aluminum boat as we get back to the tournament scene.


What do you think?

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Cover photo courtesy of Corey Skaggs, University of Louisville Student Angler