Let’s face it, we all love money. It is a focal point of our motivation. We put in countless hours at an attempt to win the hardware, but that mantle piece doesn’t pay the bills.

It doesn’t take long in any competitive environment to realize that the crowd in which you stand, all want to win. Maybe it’s been a lifelong dream, or maybe it’s what they’ve been called to do. Regardless, winning gives them all freedom, and a pretty schnazzy social media status. Agreed? (you know you’d tweet it!)

But, the underlying fact is that money makes the world go around, and you have to be smart in your approach. Smart as in, out smarting the competition.

Bonus Money Strategy

Today’s anglers have many options in bonus built strategies. Some of our favorites are Power-Pole Captain’s Cash, The Leash Rewards, and NITRO Boats Tournament Awards. The simple fact is that YOU can win these. Easy to register, and widely acceptable.

We hear it a lot, almost weekly…”I wished I would have signed up for that bonus program,” or “I didn’t know about they had a bonus program.” HELLO! #BrokenRecord

Our latest development, BonusLoop which is in it’s second phase of beta testing will be the ultimate bonus retention application. Simple if design, it notifies you of your winnings. Go to BonusLoop.com, and register for free. During the process, take notes. We’d love your feedback on what we did wrong, or maybe something we’ve missed. Contact BonusLoop

Ultimately, your strategy involves your choice products. From boat to rods, even to the graphs and motor can all have a monetary basis. The choice is yours.


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BonusLoop is the only rewards retention app that keeps you informed of bonus activity. REGISTER NOW!

Love the Bonus Game

If you’re passionate enough about stepping up your competitive nature to the next level, why are you not bonus building your game?

Bonus money is widely available and it your’s if you play the game. We’re here to help!

“People are absolutely missing out on contingency money that’s readily available to them” – Chris Brown, President of AnglersChannel.com

We mentioned earlier about BonusLoop, and how it sets up your strategy. But, contingency programs are also an element that’s often overlooked. Do your research on the products you use, and the events you compete in, and that’s a great start. The rest is up to you.

Take that extra step and further monetize your passion with bonus programs that incentivize products you already use.

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