CONTINGEN$E adds Contendir to our growing umbrella of competitor focused products.  Contendir focuses on the people of the sport, not the competition.

There are a select few who are able to tell their story from an outside source on a regular basis. Finding an open ear with pen in hand is common place for competitors of all sorts to achieve recognition for their passion, and sponsors. It helps both sides. However, that aspect is typically focused on the winners, and not the competitors down the results, nor the people behind the scenes. Their story that needs told as well.

Contendir solves that issue and creates awareness for not only the people, but brands, and businesses.

We’re all competitors and chase our passionate dreams through many levels. It is through these various pursuits, we meet fascinating people who in their own right, and timing serve a purpose to our unique journey.

These people all have stories of their own. Contendir is the vehicle for these untold stories to come alive, and inspire you.

Contendir is a directory of people of who have faced and overcome adversity, or their passion was an escape that led them to shine motivation on others.

This project is dear to our hearts for many reasons. Those reasons include YOU, and your story.

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