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GRAPHIC DESIGNER – Contract Labor (Freelancer)

Posted on May 22nd of 2018

CONTINGEN$E® is currently seeking a talented graphic designer who will play an immediate, and vital role in the development, and artistic message of a mobile application. The designer will take ownership of the end-user process from a graphical perspective,  and create innovation with killer imagery.

This role is expected to hit the ground running due to time limitations. Directed, and guided by team members of management, and development.

Highly Important Qualities

– Artistic ability – create original imagery that portrays the artistic value of our product in a clear, and concise message
– Process Minded – ability to instruct with imagery
– Great communication – text, phone, email, etc.
– Creativity – create images that identify a product or convey a message
– Time Sensitive Skills – content is time sensitive, with demanding deadlines
– Selection of colors, images, text style, and layout with consistent flow

Primary Tasks

– Collaborate with ALL aspects of design and development
– Work under tight deadlines during the design / development phase(s)
– Design artwork, graphic solutions and conceptualize ideas that graphically communicate the positioning of brand, and the end-user process
– Effectively communicate on ALL aspects of thought/design/development processes


– Must have direct access to design software, technology, etc.
– Be passionate, positive, and encouraged


Dependent on Experience


Send us an email with with at least (2) samples of artwork, a short bio, and a quick to the point statement as to why you’re the person we need.

We’re not looking for a well scripted, polished resume’, or big fancy words. Be yourself.

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