CONTINGEN$E stands alone in a position that caters specifically to the three founding principles:

  1. Make bonus (contingency) programs easily accessible, manageable, productive, and beneficial .
  2. Develop cutting edge strategies that equally engage both sides of the eqaution.
  3. Education is a priority! It’s crucial for overall success, and awareness.

Initially, CONTINGEN$E started out merely as a listing directory, where anglers could visit one site, that collectively lists all bonus programs in a manner that’s efficient, and effective. Since then, we’ve realized Contingense is a lot more that.

Referencing our core principles, we believe that bonus programs should benefit both sides of the effort. Developing programs that are successful from the start, and are supported by a team of business minded people who spend most of their free time in the outdoors. Aside from that, we’re on the forefront of this marketing element, that’s becoming larger, evolving, and represents an incentivized consumer base, supported by companies who are actively involved in the industry of your passion.

We’ve had some pretty amazing comments since we began this journey.

  • “This is an idea that benefits every aspect of tournament fishnerman.” Jason Johnson, FLW Touring Professional
  • “It’s uniqueness alone will be HUGE!” Jason Sealock, Wired2Fish
  • “Now that’s thinking outside the box, and creating a niche!!” – Rick Pierce, Basscat Boats
  • “Why has this been overlooked, and why didn’t I think of it?!” – Crispin Powley, Strike King
  • “Profound idea with depth, and scalability!” – Jay Kumar, BassBlaster
  • “The best idea since Power=Poles”Curt Hill, Power-Pole

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