BonusLoop was originally released August of 2018 at the FLW Cup in South Carolina. With an anticipated launch, the model was well received.

Now, in an effort to focus competitors grasp of the process and new concept, BonusLoop undergoes a rebranding.

The combined terms of “bonus” and “check” play a vital role in today’s competitor vernacular. When it comes to cash incentives for competitors and their chosen brand of products, BonusCheck will create a new standard.

The new name, and updated will now take its place in a never before done aspect as the incentive retention mobile application title originally known as BonusLoop.

CONTINGEN$E owner, Jason Baggett stated “Revising BonusLoop to BonusCheck feels and looks right. When we release the final build of the app and web platform users will be able to see right away why we needed to make this change now, rather than waiting.”

BonusCheck app is undergoing it’s final stages of testing. More detailed information concerning the full release of BonusCheck app will be released throughout this year.

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  1. Kevin Tribot

    Have heard some chatter about this and can’t wait to see the finished product! Thanks for all y’all do for the industry.

  2. Jerry Edwards

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the FLW Cup in South Carolina last year. Thank you all for being tangible and helpful.