Alabama Bass Trail has added AFTCO fishing apparel to their strong line-up of contingency programs.

In joining Alabama Bass Trail for the 2018 tournament season, they’ll offer anglers added incentives through wearing of official apparel during the tournament day.

As a popular outdoor apparel brand, their product growth continues from its saltwater heritage into the freshwater market.


Their purpose built outdoor clothing has evolved since their 1958 introduction. Apparel ranging from both freshwater, and saltwater with functioning in all weather types, they have you covered.

Our personal favorites include their American themed apparel, and hats as well as the wide assortment of shorts.


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Alabama Bass Trail Contingencies

ABT is well known not only for their team style events, but also their long line of bonus program opportunities. In knowing both ABT Program Director, Kay Donaldson, and Tournament Director, Clay Baldis, it’s easy to understand why companies want to partner with their trail.

Companies such as Power-Pole have seen the benefits of utilizing their partnership as platform to extend their Captains Cash program.

AFTCO comes into the tournament trail by offering a unique bonus program specifically structured to incentivize ABT anglers. In doing so, anglers will benefit from this contingency by merely wearing apparel that they would normally already have. it makes perfect sense.

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