Seek. Enroll. Compete. WIN!

It’s that simple. We have taken the guess work out of the equation, and put it ALL on one site. Whether you’re a bass angler (Pro, or weekend warrior), or a gear head (knuckle bustin’ garage hero, or race track phenom), you can benefit from this site. Or, maybe you’re interested in creating a contingency program for your brand, sponsorship fulfillment, or maximizing exposure. We can help.

We will be adding more programs as they become available. Until then, Seek. Enroll. Compete. WIN! Here’s how it works…..

1. SEEK. 

Search through our listings to not only see what current contingency programs are available, but to submit your own program, or educate us on one we missed. Contact us HERE.



After searching, you will notice on each listing a hyperlink to the actual contingency program. Click the link, enroll in the program, and then come back and write a review. A few minutes of your time, could be worth as much as a side job, and this is your passion! What have you got to lose?



If you’re at this point with your passion, then you’re competitive by nature, and want more. After you’ve figured out which programs fit your passion, enter a competitive event that matches your contingency options, and go to work.

“Be so good, they can’t ignore you.”  – Quote


4. WIN!

The great thing about contingency programs is that some offers qualify incentives for being the “highest finisher.” You can WIN big for being enrolled, and being the highest finisher. What are you waiting for? Pursue your passion.

“Competition is good. Winning is better.” – Quote

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