Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist / Internship (June 27, 2017)

If you’re interested in working inside the outdoor industry, here it is!

We’re not just looking for an employee, or an intern. We want a ninja! Someone who knows the lingo associated with fishing, not afraid of stepping out on a limb over an alligator to get the picture, and the person who wants a job they love. Is this you?


We are in need of someone who can maintain our current digital marketing efforts, as well as grow, enhance, and influence our social media presence in a professional, and effective manner.

The ideal candidate will thrive in a fast paced, yet relaxed environment, be team oriented, technically savvy, visually creative, and has a deep passion for the outdoors.


  • Working knowledge of fishing, as a sport, and a willingness to act, and portray a high sense of professionalism, while still having fun
  • Willing to travel (Industry events such as ICAST, FLW Cup, Bassmaster Classic, etc.)
  • Fluent in social trends, and active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (Ad promotion is a plus)
  • Well versed in verbal, and personal communication skills
  • Stays updated on current, and emerging social trends


Internship / Depends on Experience

If you’re the person we’re searching for, send us an email with a bio, your social links, and a statement as to why you’re the person we need.

We’re not looking for a well scripted, polished resume’, or big fancy words. Be yourself.

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About Contingense

Contingense launched in 2016 as the first, and only unified approach to collectively list all bonus programs in one directory, making it easily accessible for anglers to search, and enroll in the programs that best fit their passion. But, we’re so much more than just the only listing directory.

Why you should consider working at Contingense

  • Work from home, and set your own hours
  • Our culture is dynamic, professional, outgoing, and positive
  • Opportunity to be creative, flexible, and most importantly, love what you do