When we started designing the creative genius behind Contingense we didn’t have a plan, we just had an idea.

The sole purpose behind this idea was to create something beneficial for anglers, and assist the industry as a positive attribute. The idea also solved a common problem, which is one core element of our culture at Contingense. Faith, Family, Team, and Unity are among the other elements we strive to exemplify each day.

In EVERY THING we do, we make sure that it’s beneficial to the industry, and it’s people. That simple.


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Take for instance our latest strategic move, small in action, but BIG in placement.

Contingense is currently listed on Inc.com as a verified profile, not because we’re suddenly a “mover and shaker”, but we’re taking this idea as a serious venture to be more accountable to the people, and companies we serve. Yes, it’s a business, but it’s a passion first.

Why are we telling you this? We want you to know that everything we do serves a purpose, and not always for financial gain, or for Likes, and Follows. We love what we do, and the reason we’re doing it. By listing Contingense on Inc.com, we’re holding ourselves accountable to those who believe in us, as well as using this opportunity as a goal for us as individuals, and as a start-up.

You can visit the https://www.inc.com/profile/contingense by clicking the below image



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